A little Alfa

January 19th 2018 | by Amit Ahluwalia
1 X-Pro2 18-55mm f4 1/250 ISO 1250

So my buddy Adam rang me late last year in the fall, “You need to pass by the shop, i’ve got something, bring your camera”. I took a spirited drive in the M3 on a lazy Sunday afternoon, walked in the garage and saw this little red beast. 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV, one of those cars you lust after and just want to rip through a windy country road. Sitting under the florescent tube lighting of the shop it was definitely aching for work out so first question asked, “Pass me the keys!” We spent the late afternoon mobbing the Alfa around little Italy and Mont-Royal running it through it’s wobbly gear changes and buzzing noises smiling ear to ear. Even it’s patina and questionable repairs there is such a sense of occasion that modern cars will never have. From the dinky little key to the awkward gear shift positioning, the oily smells and primitive seat belts, none of these things take away from the overall experience. Just look at it’s stunning proportions and lovely lines, it ticks all the aesthetic boxes that make car guys drool. Such a lovely thing, too bad it’s leaving and heading to BAT for someone else to enjoy. A must have for any car collector.

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