Shop Now Live!

April 20th 2018 | by Amit Ahluwalia

Over the years my family & friends have been pushing me to sell some of my photographs and every year I’ve promised myself to prioritize it to no avail. Well, drum roll please…. it’s done! What you see is fully custom built by yours truly on Shopify’ (...)

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Project Blau

April 11th 2018 | by Amit Ahluwalia

Just arrived from the motherland, a 1994 BMW 318iT Design Edition Touring. e30 Tourings have a interesting history as they were never slotted in BMW’s original product plan. A lone engineer, Max Reisböck, decided he needed something with more room so he hacked up his pe (...)

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A little Alfa

January 19th 2018 | by Amit Ahluwalia

So my buddy Adam rang me late last year in the fall, “You need to pass by the shop, i’ve got something, bring your camera”. I took a spirited drive in the M3 on a lazy Sunday afternoon, walked in the garage and saw this little red beast. 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV, o (...)

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New Year New Look

January 1st 2018 | by admin

It’s been a long time coming but here it is. I spent the extra time during the holidays revamping my site. Over the last few years I’ve been engaging in more photography contracts so a new portfolio showcase was desperately needed. I hoping to use the blog as a way (...)

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